It is with heavy hearts that we made the decision to cancel our Athens Business Rocks fundraiser for 2020 and 2021. During this ever-changing and difficult time, the health and wellness of our community is our top priority. Instead, we will be spending this time focusing all efforts on supporting the mental health of our clients and community and assisting our Athens music industry. Please help us further our mission and work with a donation. We are confident our Athens community will bounce back, bigger, and louder than ever and be ready to bring the house down for Athens Business Rocks 2022!

Photo by Athens Photography Collective

It’s been said “You can’t swing a guitar around your neck in Athens without hitting a musician.” Not only was this statement referring to the performing musicians that most people associate with the world-famous downtown music scene, but to the plethora of musicians that masquerade as “upstanding, straight-laced” business people during the day as well. You may find them behind the counter at the bank, developing websites, managing an office, owning a local retail shop or selling a house to a first-time home buyer. Because of the confines of their day-time jobs, many of these hidden rockstars don’t get the opportunity to let their hair down (if they have any to let down) and perform on stage for a throng of adoring fans.


Athens Business Rocks hopes to create an opportunity for these hidden rockstars to reveal themselves – even if it’s for just a night. This isn’t a talent or song-writing competition- it’s simply a great opportunity to build employee morale and camaraderie among co-workers while raising money for Nuçi’s Space.


The goal of Athens Business Rocks is two-fold; 1) help raise contributions for a great local nonprofit that focuses on providing support and resources for the music and creative community 2) engage the business community to have a night of music and fun with us.


Athens Business Rocks 2020 Registrants

See You Next Year! 

Photo by Craig Gum Photography
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