Photo by Athens Photography Collective

It’s been said “You can’t swing a guitar around your neck in Athens without hitting a musician.” Not only was this statement referring to the performing musicians that most people associate with the world-famous downtown music scene, but to the plethora of musicians that masquerade as “upstanding, straight-laced” business people during the day as well. You may find them behind the counter at the bank, developing websites, managing an office, owning a local retail shop or selling a house to a first-time home buyer. Because of the confines of their day-time jobs, many of these hidden rockstars don’t get the opportunity to let their hair down (if they have any to let down) and perform on stage for a throng of adoring fans.


Athens Business Rocks hopes to create an opportunity for these hidden rockstars to reveal themselves – even if it’s for just a night. This isn’t a talent or song-writing competition- it’s simply a great opportunity to build employee morale and camaraderie among co-workers while raising money for Nuçi’s Space.


The goal of Athens Business Rocks is two-fold; 1) help raise contributions for a great local nonprofit that focuses on providing support and resources for the music and creative community 2) engage the business community to have a night of music and fun with us.


Athens Business Rocks 2020 Participants

Photo by Craig Gum Photography
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